Most people are interested in job security: work that provides steady hours and income, and that does so over a long period of time. With the influx of technological advances, many jobs are changing to part-time or have become obsolete. Instead of being disappointed by unreliable work, it may be wise to think about a new career path.


One reliable industry to consider is roofing. It provides steady work, since the world is filled with people and people need to build and maintain shelter. Roofers not only help with new construction, they also provide repairs for older buildings.


A huge benefit of roofing work is that it keeps workers active. A sedentary lifestyle is becoming increasingly common across the U.S., and can cause some scary health problems including obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular disease. Just think of all the exercise and fresh air enjoyed by roofers (not to mention some great views)!


There is a decent amount of variety from one roofing project to the next. So, workers get to learn and master various skills. They service roofs at both private residences and commercial buildings. They cover some roofs with painted sheet metal, others with shingles, others with gravel. Roofs may need to be inspected for signs of damage or aging. Special projects might involve solar panels or even eco-roofs: roofs with living gardens!


The construction industry at large– roofing included– is projected to continue to need new workers. Older employees in this field will continue to retire. Meanwhile, the demand for construction workers will remain robust. In fact, overall employment of construction laborers is expected to grow 12% from 2016 until 2026!


People who are looking to change careers may be concerned about their lack of experience in the roofing industry. Not to worry– roofers, like most construction workers– can receive on-the-job training if they are just getting started. With time and experience, roofers even have the opportunity to earn promotions or experience different positions, including “laborer, foreman, project manager, equipment operator, or superintendent.”


Research suggests that one of the top five criteria that leads to happiness at work is a sense of progress. Imagine looking at a well put-together roofing project at the end of a long day and feeling that wonderful sense of accomplishment.