Your roof is your first line of defense against the elements. Any weakness in your roof can contribute to damage inside your home, foundation damage, and rotting supports. While it may be tempting to choose the lowest bid when you need a new roof, quality installation is the single-most important factor that determines how long your roof will last and how well it will perform. Here’s why you should always choose a reliable roofing company to install your new roof.

Insulation and Ventilation

Proper insulation and ventilation are essential for a roof that performs as it should. With poor ventilation, your attic can reach up to 140 degrees on a 90-degree day by building up heat. When moisture is present, this high heat can damage the roof decking and shingles, which will fail prematurely. The heat in the attic will also radiate into your living space. This means your HVAC system works harder and fails sooner and your energy bills will go up. A licensed roofer will always check all of the components that may affect your roofing system and ensure the insulation and ventilation are in good condition.

Flashing and Sheathing

It’s not just the roof covering and ventilation that must be installed correctly; the sheathing and flashing are also vital. Sheathing or roof deck is the first protective layer on the exterior of your roof. Sheathing forms a surface onto which the roof covering can be applied and creates a barrier. Flashing guards against leaks in critical areas like around the chimney and the joints. When carefully installed, flashing and sheathing prevent insulation problems and leaks.

Shingle Selection

Not all shingles are created equally. Unfortunately, unscrupulous roofing contractors install cheap shingles to save money, but these shingles offer little protection in a storm. 3-tab shingles are most popular because they are affordable but they can’t withstand extreme wind. In high-wind areas or regions that face hurricanes or tornadoes, architectural shingles are a better choice. Experienced roofers can recommend the appropriate roofing material for your area and budget.

Longer Life

Improper installation is a common cause of premature roof failure. This may happen when the roof deck, roof material, or flashing are not installed correctly. Flashing that is installed improperly will quickly lead to leaks. Incorrectly installed materials also increase the likelihood that the roof system will not reach its life expectancy.

Your roof is a major investment in your home that costs thousands of dollars. You undoubtedly want it to last as long as possible.