Roofing tiles are typically made from various elements, the most common of which is asphalt. Such materials must be handled with care, and in a way that is environmentally sound. Below are some helpful tips concerning practical ways to recycle shingles.

Driveway Mats

If you are like most homeowners, you hate stains on your driveway from automotive fluids. Although such stains can be prevented in a variety of ways, roofing shingles work great as rustic driveway mats. Simply position them underneath cars while working, or consistently leave them in place if your car currently has a leak that must be fixed in the future.

Stair Grips

Stairs leading to attics or basements can sometimes be treacherous, and roofing shingles make great stair grips. All you must do is use a utility knife to cut the tile to the appropriate size, leaving approximately two inches of untouched space on either side. The shingles should be placed on the steps rough side up, and glue or nails should be used to appropriately center each panel.

Sidewalk Anti-slip

Another great anti-slip use for old shingles is to create a walkway through ice or snow around the exterior of your home. Simply use recycled roofing shingles to make a path to your car, the road, sheds or other outbuildings on your property. Since tiles are designed to withstand any type of weather, they offer excellent longevity in this capacity. Additionally, their texture is perfect for preventing slips and falls.

Weed Control

If you love having outdoor plants but hate weeding, position some old roofing shingles among your flowers at the base of each plant. Although this makes watering a bit more difficult, the lack of light that the shingles create prevents weeds from growing. Additionally, if you use mulch from a hardware or home improvement store, you can easily match the color shingles you plan to use.

Rustic and Unique Interior Ceiling Tiles

Using old roofing shingles to decorate the interior of your home is a fun and interesting option for the environmentally conscious. Although it may at first sound like a strange idea, when appropriately completed, this recycling option can create an attractive, rustic look, which is currently a popular trend on today’s home improvement market.

Most people are at least somewhat concerned about the environment and how to discard old products such as used roofing shingles can be a challenging endeavor. Fortunately, with a little thought, there are many ideas you can come up with to recycle shingles, save money and help the environment.