Roofing is a strenuous job that also involves a lot of problem solving skills, so it’s critical for roofers to take care of their physical and mental health to age gracefully for their job. Here are 5 tips on how to ensure total wellness.

Replenish Fluids

You may not want to bother with fiddling with a water bottle while you’re busy working with your hands, but take frequent water breaks to rehydrate, especially if it’s a hot day. If you’re sweating a lot, you may also want to keep a water fortified with vitamins on hand so you can maintain a perfect balance of electrolytes.

Dress for the Weather

Roofing can be a tough job since you work in all kinds of weather. If it’s hot, wear clothes that let your skin breathe made out of materials that conform to your body’s movements. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen every few hours, being mindful of applying sooner if you’re sweating it off. If you’re working in cooler weather, dress in layers so that you can remove or add clothing to maintain your ideal body temperature.

Strength Train

Since roofing requires strength and endurance, it’s important to keep your muscles in shape so that you can effortlessly keep up with the demands of your job. You don’t need to be a gym rat and lift heavy weights. Simple weight training with light to moderate weights and high repetitions can increase lean muscle mass with lesser risk of injury.

Try Yoga

Roofing also requires lots of balance and flexibility, which makes yoga a perfect exercise. Yoga is a combination of cardio, stretching, and strengthening. The concentration needed to complete yoga will also keep your senses sharp. With a clear mind and healthy body, you will feel assured that nothing can stop you.

Fuel Your Body

A mindful diet will give you all the energy you need so that you do not tire during the work day. Swap out unhealthy refined grains for their whole counterparts and be sure to keep some fruit with you as a snack. The simple carbs will give you a boost in energy while you work and keep you satisfied until your next meal.

You shouldn’t feel intimidated by the natural aging process. If you take care of your body now, you’ll keep it in great shape further down the road. Aging doesn’t have to be painful and stop you from doing what you enjoy. Listen to what your body needs and always put your health first.