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What Does a Career in Roofing Look Like

For some, college is just simply not an option. However, everyone wants to find a job that pays well, may promote, and give something to retire from. If you are that person looking for a career and not simply a job, then you should consider roofing. Roofing is not what everyone thinks it is though. [...]

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Roof Safety Statistics

Roofing consistently ranks as one of the riskiest jobs in the United States. Whether you're installing new shingles, removing or replacing old shingles, installing modified bitumen or applying tar, there are certain hazards you need to be aware of. Keep reading to learn six eye-opening statistics about roof safety. #1) Falls Account for Nearly 40% [...]

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Properly Using a Roof Harness

In order to properly use a roof harness, key steps must be followed during various phases of the process. This is a simple project, so you can complete all of the phases within a day. Preparation Strategies Because you'll need to climb onto the roof in the safest possible manner, you should consider investing in [...]

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How To Become a Certified Roofer

When customers entrust you with the responsibility of getting their roofs done, they would expect to know about your expertise and experience in the field. Certification is all you need to gain your customer’s initial trust and confidence. In the absence of a national certification program, the guidelines and operations differ from state to state. [...]

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Common Causes of Roof Falls & What to Avoid

Roofing projects are physically demanding as they involve a lot of climbing, heavy lifting, bending, and kneeling. If people who are involved in these projects are not extra careful, they can expose themselves to devastating accidents. Luckily, you can avoid these accidents if you understand the primary causes of roof falls and observe proper safety [...]

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Comprehensive Roof Safety Guide

It goes without saying that your roof has the potential to be a very dangerous place due to the risk of falling or injury via improper tool/ladder use. However, employing some basic safety tips and a healthy dose of common sense, venturing to one's roof and back can be a straightforward and uneventful process. Above [...]

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Fall Protection for Roofers

Now to understand this, think of the great phrase ‘Better be safe than sorry.’ These are some wise words applicable everywhere. Even while building or renovating the exterior home designs; there are dangerous areas, such as the roof. Hence, roofers should be oriented towards protection of the workers. OSHA Roofing Regulations OSHA (Occupational Safety and [...]

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